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Lugz Boots Add Style and Comfort to Daily Living #lugz #lugznyc ad

Whether you are trudging through the snow that is left on the ground, climbing the trails in the mountains or dressing with style for a night out, Lugz Boots are a must own for any adventurous fashionista! As a woman in the south, where it never snows, I wondered how my new, and oh so beautiful, Lugz would fit into my lifestyle. But as I realized that it does ice up here and that I love my boots on a cold evening out, they fit right in!

The new Snow White Collection of Lugz boots are so crisp, clean and well made that you will own and love them for years to come. People asked me how someone would keep such white boots clean but I have had no issue. I have worn mine a few times and simply wipe them down with a wet paper towel and that restores their white glow.

Lugz Boots Add Style and Comfort to Daily Living #lugz #lugznyc ad

Now, it is hard for me to take photos of own feet wearing boots but I will say that these are super comfortable. The insides are warm and snugly and I don’t feel like I am carrying a brick around on my feet. As a woman who would rather live in flip flops, I find that these boots are quickly becoming my favorite ones to wear with my jeans. They look bulky sitting but on they really look flattering.

I love the colors, the design, the comfort and the style of these Lugz boots! For those of you who live in really cold climates and have to trudge through snow every day, these are perfect. For those of us who are moderate hikers and want to look good doing it, these are perfect as well! Really, there is no reason not to own these fun boots!

Lugz Boots Add Style and Comfort to Daily Living #lugz #lugznyc ad

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