The holidays are upon us and it is time to bake, cook and create our way to fun and memorable meals and desserts for all of those we love!  I have always loved baking but this year, I have really turned it up a notch. I want my kids to have my creations as opposed to those premade in the stores. Just as I crave my mother’s Angel Food Cake that she made for every birthday, I want my kids to think about something I made when they are baking for their own kids! Thanks to products from Mrs. Field’s and Love Cooking Company, I can create something magical and memorable in an instant!

Candy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just this year I have started making my girls birthday cakes. They are pretty simple and I think anyone can do them. But when I was offered the Half & Half Pan and the Cupcake Cone Pan, I knew I would be the hit of the day with something creative and different! And then when I found out I could carry my awesome Candy Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Baker’s Sto-N-Go Carrier, I was all over testing it out for your kitchens!

Bakers Sto-n-Go Dessert Carrier

Immediately after I got my ‘loot’, I needed cookies for a bake day at my daughters preschool. Now, I am the first to admit that, though I love to bake, from scratch is probably not on the menu for a few more years. I’m busy, guys, so I rely as heavily on store baked things as I can. But I do add my own twist.

For instance, adding candy – like Snickers, Milky Ways, etc – to regular cookie batter can make some really delicious cookies. So that is what I did. And out came some chewy, gooey, yummy cookies, that needed to be carried to a school!

Candy Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Baker’s Sto-n-Go to the rescue! With the ability to hold up to 24 cookies, this easy to stack, easy to carry dessert carrier hooked me up! I put my cookies on the three tiers, slid them back inside and closed the front. I carried them in and out with no issue and then popped the whole thing in the dishwasher to clean! So easy, so fun!

Later that week, my daughter turned 6. And though I made her a Dora cake, I wanted to make some fun cupcakes for her party at the restaurant later that night too! So I pulled out my Half & Half Pan from Love Cooking Company and got to work.

Kids Half & Half Cupcakes

Again, I used store bought ingredients. I made the whole batch of mix and then used pink food coloring to make half of the batter pink. I placed the dividing plate over the cupcake liners in the pan and filled each side. One pink, one white. It took no more time than regular cupcakes.

Half & Half Cupcakes

Slowly, I removed the dividing tray and put my half & half cupcakes in to bake. I was amazed that they stayed half & half and that there was very little ‘bleeding’ of the batter from side to side! They came out so perfectly cooked and beautiful that I wanted them all to myself! But, alas, I had a birthday girl to impress.

Half & Half Cupcakes

So I iced them and topped them with some candy jellies I found and served them up with homemade pride at the party! They were a huge hit and the combination of colors is unending! And with the dishwasher being clean up again, I was a happy mom!

For my last bit of fun, I just decided to surprise my kids. I have seen Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes before and often wonder how they are done. It seemed to me that they would burn in a regular pan and that they just could not stay moist. Well, after using the Mrs. Field’s Cupcake Cone Pan, I am now the mom with the best Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes around!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

These were super easy, again, because of the pan. All I did was have my kids line the pan with the cupcake holders I found at the store. I used the regular size, not the mini’s. I mixed some cake batter that had sprinkles in the mix, filled the cones about half way up and put them in the oven. Seriously, it was just as easy as using liners except you get these self standing, easier, more fun cupcakes.

Once they were done, I let them cool and topped them with whipped cream, icing and sprinkles. The kids dug in – OK, mom did too – and we had a blast eating our Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes that require no clean up at all! No liners to peel and throw away!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I cleaned the pan, again, in the dishwasher and now have an awesome new way to impress party guests!

Check out the entire line of Mrs. Field’s high quality bakeware at Love Cooking Company! There is something for every aspiring cook and any of them would make amazing gifts for any baker this holiday season!

Want to get started creating your homemade memories?

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