If your kids are anything like mine, they want to play on the computer and electronic devices you have all.day.long.  But if you are like me, even when you are OK with them playing on the computer – they have to learn to use it after all – you still want them to be safe and protected in whatever online universe they are in.

I am so excited to share with you information on LittleSpaceHereos.com!  A game for boys and girls ages 6 – 12 (though my 2 year old loves watching my 5 year old play it) that is fun, colorful and attention grabbing from the get go – even for my 2 year old!  And safe! And they have a blast playing it!

Little Space Heroes is an award-winning safe and fun online game for kids that is FREE to play at www.littlespaceheroes.com!

The story

In this amazing fun online game for kids, players get to create their own Space Hero and explore a galaxy full of fun and adventure.Little Space Heroes really is a virtual universe, not just a virtual world. There are entire planets to explore, each with different quests and adventures to be had.

The dastardly Lord Shadowbot has stolen the Glows! This not-so-evil villain’s bizarre fear of the dark led him to our heroes galaxy where he discovered the Glows, a curious light emitting creature with amazing powers. Wanting the Glows all for himself, Shadowbot and his minions landed on the Glow’s Crystal planet home world and began to Glow-nap them! Stealing away our littlefriends to light his way through the Galaxy and power his minion ships … the Nauts.

Exploring deep space, Ace and his pals Kira, Sparky, Krill and Zed made haste back to the galaxy, and using Professor Q’s Bubble Chi powers, the heroes succeeded in banishing Shadowbot from their home – but not before he had damaged the Crystal Palace and stolen away most of the Glows. In the months that followed, no matter how hard they tried, no trace of Shadowbot or the Glows could be found.

To find the space robot, Ace and pals invite new cadets to join the Space Heroes Academy to learn the ropes, team up with friends, and master your Bubble Blaster, Jetpack and Starjet. The galaxy is a very big place and with plenty of distant planets to explore we need new and old Heroes alike to work together to unravel secrets of Shadowbot and the missing Glows. Along the way you’ll make new friends, earn badges, play fun games, take part in special events and craft your own amazing hero adventures!

Info for moms and dads

Little Space Heroes is all about adventure, discovery and friendship. As a free online game for kids, players are encouraged to work together as they go on quests, play mini-games and solve mysteries. Learning the art of team-play and sharing, socialising and communicating are cornerstone elements of Little Space Heroes. We encourage good behaviour and inspire kids to be the bestheroes they can by way of our Space Hero Code.

Little Space Heroes is incredibly safe and the team has gone to great lengths to secure independent recognition of their safety features which include advanced chat filtering and live in-game moderators. Little Space Heroes has more independent safety accreditations and endorsements than Club Penguin or Moshi Monsters! It is kidSAFE+ certified, has a Parents’ Choice Approved Award, the Family Friendly Video Games Seal of Approval. The game is rated E for Everyone meaning it’s suitable for the whole family! They also just got honoured in the 2012 Webby Awards!

Little Space Heroes is a massive new virtual world for kids under 12 with loads of fun activities, adventures, games and quests for kids. It’s made by an independent children’s entertainment studio, Bubble Gum Interactive many of whom are parents themselves and have a passion for creating games that help kids discover every day.

Your kids can play Little Space Heroes for FREE for as long as they like. The free game is huge and much bigger than other virtual worlds I’ve seen. You can also buy premium memberships from $6 per month to access the entire game experience.

Check it out and play Little Space Heroes at http://www.littlespaceheroes.com.

We LOVE our hero, Holly Hero and we love to take her to the beauty shop, Dive School and more!  If you have not already logged in to get your FREE hero, then check out this video on how:

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