A few weeks ago, I received a request to review a website, littleonebooks.com.  I scanned the page, liked what I saw and agreed to the terms.  I thought, a little paragraph of review and we are all good.

Little did I know that, as I went back to the website to learn a little more, I would be drawn in, coerced by the easy layout, colorful pages, and intelligent descriptions of the products they offer.  This is not your ordinary book site.  It is a specialized, goal oriented, educational based site geared to parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else looking for quality products for children from birth to five years and on.  

The site, littleonebooks.com, is easy to navigate, well thought out, and simple to maneuver around in.  The products are well researched and the descriptions are helpful and accurate, at least according to the two products I received and am having a chance to enjoy; ‘Ella the Elegant Elephant’ (book) and “Salsa for Kittens and Puppies” (CD and Book).  The products are categorized by age, making it simple to focus on on the products for a particular child.  

As a parent to three daughters under the age of 4, I struggle to find products that will help them learn,
help me teach them, and hold their attention for longer than a few minutes.  I can read the flaps of books, listen to what my friends tell me, and purchase based on the latest character that my daughter’s are ‘into’.  But I have a very hard time finding and knowing of books, CD’s, and video’s that offer more than the norm.  Products that offer something different to read and listen to.  That can show my children the expanse of what is out there to learn.  I am thrilled to say that this site has become my newest tool in expanding, not only my knowledge of what I can offer them, but my children’s learning spectrum.  

Whether it be a bilingual, beautifully illustrated book, a CD that introduces children to salsa music, or a video of Sesame Street clips over 40 years, this is the site to research and purchase your gifts and items for children five and under.  

littleonebooks.com = 5 stars!