Arts and crafts are essential to kids development and building self confidence. At least, I think so. My girls are all about it. Anything they can color, draw, paint, create or imagine with their hands, they love. I love that they work together to create and that they are so proud of what they do. So when a Little Tikes I’m an Artist Desk showed up on our front doorstep, all excitement broke loose!

Little Tikes I'm an Artist Desk

The actual desk is simple to put together. I needed a screwdriver and 10 minutes. My girls jumped around and talked about all of the things they were going to create and were just over the moon. The desk has a lot of hidden cubbies for markers, crayons, scissors and more. It also includes easy to use drying clips, bags for  more storage and so much more!

But the ‘cool’ part of this desk is the spin art table! The table comes with a spinning wheel for fantastic, colorful art, a lighted top that goes over it for amplified drawings and more and a splatter guard to shield little ones from getting covered in paint!

Little Tikes I'm an Artist Desk

The kids were ready to go from the second I said go. They put dots of paint on the paper on the spinner and pushed the button up and down until paint ‘spun’ into creative art. We were all talking and laughing and having an amazing time with creating fun art on this table in no time. My kids shared and were kind to one another as they all created masterpiece after masterpiece!

Little Tikes has long been a trusted brand in this house for many years. And I am so honored to be a Little Tikes Brand Ambassador. But my opinions are my own and I have to say, the I’m an Artist table is a MUST OWN for any child who loves anything having to do with art!

Little Tykes I'm an Artist Desk

Check out the entire line of Art Tables and Desks on LittleTikes.com. You will fine something for every little one on your list!

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