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Potty training feels like it will never end in this house!  My 5 year old is done but my 4 year old regressed after we moved into this house a few years ago and now we are onto training my 2 year old.

I’ve done what I was told -and what worked with my oldest – and trained my oldest and middle daughter on a baby potty.  It worked with my first and she was potty trained in about three weeks.  My second trained in about a week.  Seriously, Sarah has it down cold.  She was two, walked over the the little potty and from that day on, only needed diapers at night. But then we moved and I tried to get her trained on the ‘big’ potty and she regressed.  So we have battled accidents for almost two years now.

One of the things that I notice, however, is that she does not like to go on the ‘big potty’ because she can not get onto it right. Sarah is short and, even with the standard wooden stool, she has a hard time hopping up right.

SO, I am super, duper, ubber excited about the new Little Looster, Booster for the Loo that we have now had in the bathroom for a week!  Where this was and how I did not know about it is beyond me.  I would have bought one for every bathroom, chucked the baby potties that have to be cleaned out and poured out and all of that mess and work, and probably had my children potty trained in no time.

Sarah, my already potty trained that had regressed, now has had maybe two accidents all week!  She hops up on the Little Looster and takes care of business and is so proud of herself!  This “boost” of confidence is what she needed to make sure she could go without making a mess and embarrassing herself.  And unlike the wooden step we had before, this will not rot and split in the moisture of the bathroom!


Megan, my 2 year old, has decided that the Booster for the Loo is way too much fun not to use!  And now our only challenge with her is teaching her to understand when she needs to use it!

I love the Little Looster, Booster for the Loo because it is made of plastic so it is super easy to clean.  It wraps around the entire front base of the toilet so it does not slip or move when little ones are hopping up and down on it, it is the perfect height for little legs, and it won’t split or break with use.  This will last in my kids bathroom through potty training and in the years when they need it to reach while they grow!  Plus, my husband and I can still use the restroom without it being in the way!

If you are getting ready to potty train, having an issue with a hard train or just have a child who needs a little more helping standing at the right height, then put the Little Looster on your list!  It will SAVE you a ton of frustration!

Take it from a Mom who feels like potty training just got a ton easier!

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