Every once in a while I get asked to review a product that I think would be perfect for someone I know.  I love giving them something that they will find useful.

But this is the first time I have been able to give something that is really special to a very special woman…  my Mom.

Limoges Jewelry makes beautiful, quality, elegant jewelry that will last a lifetime.  From rings to pendants to gifts and watches, there is something that is sure to make you and the loved one in your life smile and cherish it forever!  And because they do not have expensive showrooms and other overhead costs, they provide amazing, personalized pieces at amazing prices!

In fact, you have probably seen Limoges Jewelry pieces in trendy magazines and top named retailing stores!  They are the premier supplier of personalized jewelry!

I got lost on LimogesJewelry.com’s easily maneuverable website searching for the perfect gift for my girl’s Oma.  With so many choices it took me forever to decide!

And the fact that they engrave for free, had amazing prices – that they guarantee to be the lowest, a 90 day return policy AND ship for free on orders over $60 did not make my choice any easier.  In fact, those perks gave me confidence that if I were, for any reason, unhappy, I could send my piece back!

Not that I needed to worry at all!

I finally decided on a delicate, beautiful,  and personalized Sterling Silver Family Name & Birthstone Disc Pendant.  I sent the names and birthstones of my mother’s five grandchildren to Limoges and anticipated it’s delivery!

When I received the piece, it was apparent that the pendant was high quality and would be a family heirloom that would be adored forever!

I could not wait to get it to my mother!

I called her up, told her we were coming for a visit and loaded up the car!

I drove the two and a half hours and was barely out of the car when I announced, “I have something for you!”

My mother opened the delicate bag and out fell the shiny, sparkling necklace – yes, you get the chain with it!

She was so happy and so touched and so proud!  She put it on and I caught her touching it here and there throughout the day –  an obviously proud Oma wearing her greatest joys around her neck!  The next morning, she was wearing it again and upon last check, she wears it almost every day!

THAT is possibly all you needed to know to make Limoges Jewelry your one stop shop for your favorite new piece of jewelry!

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, take a moment to browse through all of the wonderful personalized products that www.LimogesJewelry.com offers!

You will be glad!

Two happy, touched, and satisfied thumbs up from my mom for Limoges Jewelry!