As you know, we get a lot of toys in this house.  But some become favorites before they even get out of the package!  My daughter’s pick right now is Lilliputiens.  Available at, these developmental toys for your children are fun, innovative and promote natural play and imagination.

LillipietensLilliputiens are soft, cuddly toys for the younger set, though my 5 and 6 year old loves these too.  There are baby doll toys, bowling toys, toys based on stories and more. All for the development of imagination and cognitive thinking in a baby or toddler!

We were lucky enough to get the Wolf Handpuppet & 3 Little Pigs in our home.  This soft, durable toy is awesome.  All of the pigs and their houses fit inside the wolf and there is a hook for easy carry and storage!

But my favorite thing about it is that my daughter’s are using their mind’s, memory and imagination to play with it!  Watch below as Megan plays independently with the toy.

Lilliputiens is based in Belgium and its toys are made by hand with care in Asia. The toys, patterns, fabrics, characters, are all 100% its own creations, designed by a team of five young and trend-conscious moms who ensure that in a world full of little wonders, every toy has its own fun story. Lilliputiens’ numerous mascots each have their own magical universe. Soft materials and disarming characters engender trust, while the many shapes, colors and noises will continuously challenge a child’s inquisitive spirit. Designs and fabulous fabrics necessitate hand sewn, handmade results.


There is nothing more pleasing to a mother than watching her children play.  And on rainy days, hot summer afternoons and even on road trips, we need to have something besides an electronics that will entertain the kids.  Lilliputiens has that solution and I highly recommend that you check out their whole line up and stock up now!

For more information on HABAUSA and Lilliputiens, connect with them!


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