Finding the perfect accessories for my hair can be difficult.  So, I was excited to be able to review an awesome hair clip from Lilla Rose!  Consultant Darlene Phillips was so incredibly nice and helpful in helping me navigate the site, choose a chip and create a perfect look for me!

There were a couple steps to determine which size hair clip would be appropriate for my thin hair. The Lilla Rose consultant, Darlene Phillips, assisted me to determine the right size for my hair. We went with the small. With so many to choose from, the task of choosing a style was not easy- we decided together that this one would compliment my hair color.

Nothing usually stays in my hair for longer than 2 hours without an adjustment so I was pretty sure this would be a difficult clip for me to use all the time. After receiving my flexi hair clip in the mail, I immediately used it to pull back my hair. I wore that clip all evening and did not adjust it once. Could it be????


So here was the real test for me… A full day of activities with the kids, on my former college campus!

When we arrived on campus it was sleeting, raining and snowing all at once, so we darted in and out of bookstores uptown in Athens for an hour and a half. By that time, I would normally look like a drowned rat with hair falling out of my regular clip and probably half up, half down. Not with the Flexi Hair Clip! My hair stayed put!!!! The curls did not fair the weather as well, but no worries because at least my hair was still in the same place before the arctic assault!

Lilla Rose Hair Clip

I have fixed my hair in the “tails up” style for nearly 20 years and in that time have never worn a clip that stayed in place. After my day in A-town with the family, evening at home and even over-night that clip never moved. You heard me right… I slept in it, too exhausted to bother with my hair, and the next morning my hair was still in the same place. I am in love… Lilla Rose Hair Clip

You can find out more about the Flexi hair clip by contacting Darlene Phillips, Lilla Rose Consultant.