Just by writing this post, I am jinxing myself and will need the LiceGuard RobiComb sooner than I want to! With three daughters, it is bound to happen. When it happens, send candy. 

LiceGuard RobiComb

Photo by www.ADayinMotherhood.com

Lice are possibly one of the nastiest things your kids can bring home from school. Not only are they itchy and  – shiver – crawling in your kids hair, but everything that they lay on, wear on their head and come in contact with could possibly transfer them. The lifespan of lice is 40 days. 40 DAYS. The female louse lays 200 eggs which attach to the strands of hair and are virtually impossible to remove.

When these eggs start hatching in 7-10 days, it is a licapalooza that will drive you to the bring of insanity. I am almost there just thinking of it.

I’ve heard the horror stories. The sitting your child between your legs and taking a comb and picking out eggs one by one while the child screams in pain at the constant pulling. My 7 year old would rather eat a rock then let me pull at her hair. So when she gets lice – I told you, I have jinxed myself – the removal is going to be brutal.

Lucky for us, we received a LiceGuard RobiComb that makes zapping lice easy and virtually painless. The electronic comb detects lice and the eggs through it’s meal teeth. When it does, it zappes them. Most die instantly, but if they don’t they die within hours. Most lice will be killed in one use but you should use it for a few days to make sure they are all gone.

The RobiComb is a non-invasive electronic lice comb powered by a single AA battery that detects and destroys head lice and nits (head lice eggs) on contact simply by combing it through dry hair. When the RobiComb’s metal teeth touch lice and their eggs, they get zapped, die, and then get combed away. The RobiComb lets you know by an audible signal whether or not head lice are present, so it can be used to detect an infestation as well as treat it. . In fact, many school nurses are now using theRobiComb for this exact reason. School nurses report that the RobiComb is able to find lice which they have missed when checking visually. More than 3,000 school districts in all 50 states are now currently using the RobiComb. Additionally, unlike other toxic chemical-based treatments, the RobiComb can be used as often as you like and repeatedly by the entire family. TheRobiComb is available for $29.99 and can be purchased online at LiceGuard.com and nationwide at CVS and Walgreens.

It does not seem like it could be this easy but it is! I am still praying like a mad woman that we never face this. But if we do, I am armed!