A few weeks ago my doorbell rang. It rings daily with deliveries and it causes a flurry of barking and jumping and excitement. I usually wave at the UPS or FedEx man and go about my business of calming my dogs. But on this day, I was the one jumping around with excitement. For I knew that a very special new friend was at the door and my little one, Megan, was going to be the one screaming and making a ton of noise when she saw her. It was the Let’s Play School Doll from Nenuco!

Nenuco Let's Play School Doll Set

Megan treats baby dolls as if they are her real life friends. Though all of my girls had that ‘baby’ phase, Megan has never wavered from babyhood to now loving and tending to her dolls. It is still the #1 requested gift that she asks for when a big day is coming up.

So I anticipated her incredible excitement and could hardly contain my own when I brought in a new friend that was sure to become her favorite!

The Let’s Play School Doll is designed to heighten a child’s imagination. The doll is incredibly cute with her plaid school clothes, glasses and shoes. She has sweet blond pig tails that are perfect for learning in the new preschool that Megan is now the proud teacher in. Complete with glasses for Megan that match the doll’s, a name tag for Megan and lesson plans and  workbooks, this doll and desk set not only encourages play but also makes learning fun!

Nenuco Let's Play School Doll Set

As we know, children learn by imitating adults. So to have a doll that also has a desk and a schoolhouse, complete with body lessons attached, and a ‘board’ for Megan to teach on, is an invaluable tool that any mom would love.

We set her up immediately and I was so impressed with the detail! From the bell that can get rung to signal the start of the day to the clock that can be moved to indicate the next activity, Let’s Play School Doll has fun and learning for the toddler set down pat.

Megan still plays with her and even draws in big sister’s as teachers and students too. I love to sit and watch as they try to emulate what their teachers do in school.

Nenuco Let's Play School Doll Set

Some dolls are just dolls. But some are learning tools in disguise. This doll with the little school house is a true gem in the land of toys in this house! Be sure to put it on your little one’s list of MUST HAVE’S! I promise you will love it too!

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