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Get ready for a GREAT NEW RELEASE from Nickelodeon~ Let’s Learn: Colors!

Nickelodeon studios is releasing a feature on colors education that includes the characters we all love!

Let's Learn: Colors Review & Giveaway

What FUN way to introduce colors to our children! Vibrant, beautiful, amazing colors that make up our wonderful world brought to you by  lovable characters!

My kids LOVE this DVD!  My Sarah is a huge Dora fan and Team Umizoomi is a toy and eposiode treat in our house.  So to have all of their favorites on one double feature DVD is awesome!

Dora & Boots, the Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi are excited to share the many different colors that we see. They can teach your child the joy of taking in our beautiful lands and views.  I will never forget when I learned how to use the color-wheel and the excitement I had from knowing how to create colors!

Share Let’s Learn: Colors with your little eager learner On July 23rd!!