***Recipe By Beth M.***

A fun and simple idea that kids everywhere will love! Finding the pot o’Gold in these Leprechaun Trap Brownies is easy and delicious! My kiddos love to help in the kitchen, both baking and eating; so this was a fun activity for all of us to enjoy making together!

Leprechaun Trap Brownies

 If you need a sweet treat to present at a classroom party or for a home get-together, these brownies are the perfectly simplistic dessert! Fun and festive, just make a regular brownie mix with chocolate chunks (if you love chocolate, like me).  Once cooled you can top with icing of your favorite flavor and tint with a tiny bit of green food coloring.

Leprechaun Trap Brownies

To get the “grassy” look in a relatively short amount of time, just add the icing and smooth around; then with a fork make short jabbing motion into the icing and it will “lift” up looking like grass.  A piece of spaghetti broken in half holds up the hat and a couple Reese candies make for a perfect bite of “gold.”

This recipe is so easy that you can even allow the classroom full of kiddos to decorate their own leprechaun traps! The hats are from the dollar store and had five in a pack for $1.  You cannot beat that for a really cute brownie idea!

If you are throwing a party, be sure to throw together these traps! Your guests will enjoy the idea but more importantly they will love the chunky chocolate flavor; giving you queen of desserts bragging rights.

With such an easy crowd-pleaser and all for less than $10, this is one brownie that will leave you feeling pretty lucky! Don’t let the Ides of March bring your luck down… catch a leprechaun and find the gold!

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