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Stocking stuffers are possibly the hardest thing for me to find. Not because there are not small things for kids everywhere, but because I don’t like to fill the kids stocking with junk. That is why I love the new Lalaloopsy Tinies. You know we love Lalaloopsy anyway, as exhibited by my Lalaloopsy Color Me Doll review, but because this little doll and her friends have become a mainstay that hold my kid’s interest.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Review #GiftGuide2014

The teeny tiny little dolls are fantastic for small hands that like to carry a ton. As you know, kids like to collect things so being able to have their favorite characters all in their hands at once is fun. Plus, these Lalaloopsy Tinies are colorful and easy to fit in pockets, kid’s purse and stockings!

Included in each pack, which are exclusively at Target, is a surprise character too. Kid’s LOVE surprises so that alone made opening the package a blast.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Review #GiftGuide2014

Lalaloopsy Tinies are available in packs and you can even get the Lalaloopsy Tinies Houses for the kids to use with their tiny dolls! They can create a whole village and easily store their Tinies inside the houses too.

I think these are so incredibly fun. They are small and soft to the touch and spur playtime and imagination. There are more than 100 Tinies available to collect. As an added bonus, they are also wearable. Girls can string them to create their own jewelry and accessories.  Mine want me to attach them to their backpacks so they can take them to school ‘legally’.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Review #GiftGuide2014

When you are shopping this year for quality toys that will thrill your kids, look at the Lalaloopsy Tinies line. You can fill the stocking – errr… Santa can, I mean… and watch as they pull favorite friend after friend out that is button sized!


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