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I love, love, love, love, love KidzBop!  If it were not for the people and kids who put the CD’s full of the latest hit songs together, I would never know what was on the radio and would miss listening to my kids belt out, “La la la la la, You make me feel so…” in their cute little voices!

KidzBop 21 is the perfect blend of hip hop and pop!  All music that you and I would listen to – only without the bleeps and black outs on the bad words.  They also G rate the sexual innuendos.

From Party Rock Anthem to Someone Like You by Adele and Moves Like Jagger, this CD is the most requested in our car, right behind KidzBop 20!  Listening to my two year old sing You Make Me Feel So and ask for it by name…  aka La La La La La, is hysterical.

Here is the deal.  Mainstream radio has lost its mind, in my opinion.  I can’t even listen to any of the morning shows without there being a mention of sex or a curse word that I don’t want my kids listening to.  Plus, if I have the radio on the commentary between songs are inappropriate and the commercials are ridiculous.  So, regular radio is out in my car and I don’t have another commercial free service with kid friendly channels.

Complicating matters is that if I went and bought all 16 CD’s that have these songs on it, I would be broke.  And I would have to content with non edited wording and subject matter that I am not willing to let me little girls listen to.

So, KidzBop solves all of those issues!  I get one, affordable, collection of the hottest songs on the radio, G rated for my kids and me – I get tired of listing to the bad language too – and I get to dance and have a blast with my kids in the car, the back yard or anywhere else!

Pick up the latest version of KidzBop, #21, on for only $13.98 for 2 CD’s!  One for you and one for a friend!  Download Kidz Bop 21 to your MP3 Player or from iTunes!

Now to the Giveaway!  2 Winners will get copies of KidzBop 21 to dance around with their kids!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry!

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