We are quickly becoming addicted to the Kidz Bop series!

We won a copy of Kidz Bop 18 on a blog about a year ago.  After we knew every single word on that one, I bought Kidz Bop 19.

So when I saw that Kidz Bop 20 was coming out, I put it on my list of things to get proto!  And then one came in the mail and I was even happier!

In case you have never had a copy of Kidz Bop, let me fill you in.

Kidz Bop is a collection of songs, usually in the top 20, I would say, that are sung by kids, both girls and boys and in complete likeness to the original song.  However, when there are words or phrases in the songs that could be deemed inappropriate for kids, they change them!

In fact, there are a lot of songs on the CD that I prefer the way the kids sing over the actual star!

Kidz Bop 20 starts with a rousing rendition of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.  My kids love this song and now perform it for me almost daily!  Following that mega hit, the kids on the CD clean up in their version of Brittany Spears Till The World Ends.

Through this 16 song CD, the uncanny similarities to the actual songs are amazing!  The CD includes other popular hits like The Lazy Song and Whip My Hair.

But my favorite thing about the Kidz Bop series is that I can not drive in the car with my young kids and not listen to another spin of Humpty Dumpdty!  I can listen to the most popular songs out today and not worry about a bad word or inappropriate phrase getting into my kids ears!

If you have not experienced Kidz Bop 20 or any of the 19 before, or one of the specialty CD’s like Kidz Bop Dance Party then it is time to get hooked!  Find them at your favorite retailer, both online and in stores!

WIN a Copy of Kidz Bop 20 Here!