Forever I have been looking for a way to get my kids to turn the lights in their rooms and bathrooms on and off by themselves.  I have looked in big national stores,  small boutique stores, and any where else that I thought switch extenders would be carried.

To no avail.

For some reason, it never occurred to me to look online.   If I had, I would have seen and ordered massive amounts of these awesome light switch extensions years ago!

And these switch extensions are GREAT!  Especially for the Mom who has enough to do and is tired of having to stop what she is doing to turn on the light so her toddler is not scared to use the bathroom!

Like my Sarah.  She would rather wet her pants than take herself to her dark bathroom to go.  I installed the KidSwitch and bam… she has not had an accident since!  She actually seems to go more now that she has her new ‘toy’! She loves the new independence and I love that my laundry pile has reduced!

And with Megan on the horizon of potty training, I think it will go a long way in teaching her to do it alone as well!

The KidSwitch also offers a real solution to night time training because it is glow in the dark!  In fact, we have installed it in Katie and Sarah’s bathroom and hope that it will aide us in getting them out of Pull Ups at night once and for all!

But more than anything, the KidSwitch is going to teach my kids the value of turning off their lights when they leave their rooms.  Not only will I save on my electric bill but it opens up the conversation of why we should conserve energy!

After I realized how incredibly easy it was to install a KidSwitch – even 2 on one plate like I did, I was hooked!  So much so that I raved to their Grandma Pat and she purchased me two more packs of 3 so that every switch I need my kids to reach is covered!

See How Easy I Installed Them?

And look Who Can Operate Her Own Light to Go Potty!


You can buy your own KidSwitch’s at!

Use Code BLOG10 to get a 10% discount on your order!


KidSwitch has generously offered one of my readers a KidSwitch!  My advice to you?  Enter here and then go to and purchase more for your house!  Because, like me, once you have one on a switch, you will want all of your switch’s easily accessible to your toddler!  REMEMBER: Use code blog10 to get an extra 10% off of your order!


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