Back to School Kids Lunch Ideas

With the kids back in school it’s time to put more thought and effort into lunch ideas for kids.  I was visiting Disney’s Spoonful’s site and found these super cute PB & J Blossom Sandwiches!  I immediately thought “Hey I can do that!”  I love a cute sandwich idea that doesn’t take much effort.  In fact, I already have a flower cookie cutter I can use!  It’s the really good metal kind too so it will cut through the bread nicely with tearing it apart.

Back to school kids lunch ideas

Be sure to get a super cute kid’s lunch box for the kids to take these to school in too!

Owl Lunch Box Bento BoxesDog Lunch Box 

Here are a few more that I have fallen in love with!  Just look at this Pizza Buns display from Simple As That.  Not only is this lunch visually appealing but it has all the healthy items I want my child to have!  And, as a special treat she has included marshmallows!  My kids go crazy for marshmallows!  How fun!

Pizza Buns recipe

This one is a kids dream and a parents dream!  Kiwi and Strawberries are a wonderful combination!  You have a fun sandwich with fruit and veggies!  Besides, those veggies are amazing together and you don’t even need a dipping sauce to go with it.  Perfect and simple.

kids lunch ideas

Here’s an “under the sea” lunch idea for kids!  Wouldn’t this be fun with a tuna sandwich to fit the theme?!  I think so!  I love the fact peanuts were added for that extra bit of protein the kids need.  Goldfish is an automatic favorite amongst most kids too!  The fish sandwich will require a bit of creative skill but totally do-able!

Under the Sea lunch idea for kids

It’s a Birthday Lunch!  Here’s one you will have to remember if your child’s birthday falls on a school day.  Just look at how adorable the little messages are!  Still a healthy lunch but with a special day feel!  It’s packed and filled with love!

Kids lunch ideas

Hope this inspires your creativity for school lunch ideas! What ideas can you come up with?

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