A few months ago I participated in a focus group with the company KidGlove. At the time I had an iPhone 4 that had all of my kids favorite games on it. And though I did not care if my kids used my phone, I cared very much about them using apps that I did not want them to or, worse yet, moving them so I could not find them!


KidGlove is innovative in that it is the only case that has a slider bar that blocks the home button from little hands! I love this idea!

Check out my video review below:

Made in the USA, it is available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s at the moment. It is comprised of 4 pieces. The sturdy plastic inner case, the gel plastic outer case and the plastic slider bar. Assembly is easy as you just snap the case around the phone. See below on how easy it is to both put on the cases and remove them!

Pretty darn easy, huh?  Especially since you are protecting your phone, your apps, your kids and your sanity!

Do you have little hands that like to play with your phone? Do you get it back and you can’t find your apps or they have opened something you don’t want them to?

Then you have to give KidGlove a try! The slider bar is so simple but so valuable to so many!

You can purchase your KidGlove online now!

Congratulations to our winner Naomi W.!!!