I have to admit, when I first was approached to review the new Just for Men AutoStop Foolproof Haircolor collection, I was hesitant.  I did not know of anyone off the top of my head that I could test it on.  But then, someone close to me came to mind.

Now, I am under STRICT orders not to talk about my husband subject, nor can I show photos of his face, his hair, his ears or any other part of him.  Because he does not have gray hair you see (because he used this product) and he does not want anyone thinking he does.  Truth be told, he does not have a lot but you can never start planning not to turn totally gray too early.

My first impression of Just for Men AutoStop is that women’s products should pay attention!  This is so easy to use!  Just screw the comb onto the tube, comb it in, let it sit for 10 minutes and wash out.  Really? Why can’t my hair color care be that easy?  Not that I have gray… just saying…

And the genius behind this product is that if your man gets busy with honey-do’s and forgets to wash it out in 10 minutes, the AutoStop technology will not let the color get any darker than if he had washed it out at 10 minutes!  No fake spray black look when he is done!  YEA!  In fact, I made my subject sit for 10 minutes after the timer went off and the color still matched perfectly!

My – ahem – subject even commented on how easy this was to use and admitted that he would use it should he ever – err – develop any grays.  You know, in the future…  ;)

Learn more about this great product for men and get a $3.00 OFF coupon too!  With the collection offering Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Real Black and Jet Black, there is a color for everyone.  Convince your man to take 10 years off of his appearance with this easy to use, non harsh product!

I bet he will love the results more than he is willing to admit!  Mine sure did!

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