If you read my blog at all then you know that my neighbors are my support system. I generally feel like I take more than I give to them but hope that they know how much they mean to me. Last year, one of my neighbors-  Barbara – revealed that she had Breast Cancer. We all put on a smile and told her that it was early and that she would be OK. But, deep down, none of us wanted to see this precious woman suffer through the process. She fought and fought, had surgery, radiation and the scares and fears that come with it, but she seems to being doing really well and they seem to have gotten it all. We pray every day that it does not come back. To sort of ‘celebrate’ her remission, I found a chance to give her something really unique and special. The Joseph Nogucci Pink Ribbon Charmballa bracelet is a gorgeous, memorable, touching piece of jewelry that also gives back. 

Joseph Nogucci Pink Ribbon Charmballa bracelet #Nogucci

This delicately made bracelet features the pink ribbon symbol that signifies all of our support of Breast Cancer Research. Woven with a signature Pink nylon cord, the Rhodium plated charms are nestled together and is easily adjustable with a pull string.  PLUS, 10% of proceeds of this bracelet also goes to BCSC to highlight and to wear as a reminder of the critical need to plan ahead and take the steps towards early cancer detection which has saved the lives of millions. That makes this bracelet even more beautiful to me.

Joseph Nogucci Pink Ribbon Charmballa bracelet #Nogucci

I received it in the mail and waited until we were both back from respective travels and walked it over to her one day. She was relaxing at home with her beloved dogs. So I told her that when I was offered this to review, I immediately thought of her and what it could mean to her. I handed it over and she, literally, gasped when she saw it.

It is so pretty and so elegant and so special. But when I told her that 10% of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness, she was even more impressed. She truly loves the bracelet and I hope she wears it and knows how important she is to me.

It is a year round effort, the fight against Breast Cancer. Get someone special the Joseph Nogucci Bracelet and watch as her eyes widen as she understands how important and special she is to you.

Joseph Nogucci Pink Ribbon Charmballa bracelet #Nogucci

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