As my girls grow and want to get more and more into electronics, I am becoming more and more aware that family time is important.  Not wanting to lose them to the vast world of friends online, I am always looking for something we can do together that still invites creativity and fun!

Jenga Boom

Jenga Boom is a new game from Hasbro that has my kids and I blowing up the tablets!

This is the classic stack and move game that we all grew up loving with an explosive twist!  In Jenga BOOM, a platform with a timer is what you build on is timed and explodes after a certain amount of time.  After pulling the cord, you have a limited amount of time to stack and play before the bomb explodes and the whole thing comes tumbling down.

There are ways during the game to stop the timer so you have more time to build as well!  Trump your partner and make it explode on their turn!

My kids are a little young for this game, it is recommended for 8 and up, but they still had a ton of fun building and making it go!  They turned it into a race the clock game but it was a total blast – no pun intended – watching them play the game!

Jenga Boom

This is sure to be family favorite of skill and wit and fun!  Gather your family for a Family Game Night and bond again without the help of a screen!