It’s that time of year already.  Back to school!  So you’ve gotten the school supplies, the back pack, the lunch box, the shoes they had to have, and finally their clothes.  Cute shirts and jeans are sure to be on that list.  But what do you do when your kids get bored with their wardrobe?  Maybe nothing’s wrong with their jeans or it’s just not in the budget to get more clothing yet.  Why not change up those jeans with Jean Tats?!

Jean Tats

What are Jean Tats?  Simply put, they are temporary tattoos for denim.  It is such a fun and easy way for kids to give their jeans a new look. Jean Tats rub on easily and safely, without the use of a hot clothing iron.  Kids, and even kids at heart, will love the long lasting designs.  After a few days, it will come off right in the regular wash, making your jeans ready for a new design.Jean Tats


These are so incredibly easy to use and I am impressed with the crativity of my kids! Make any old pair of jeans new again with fun tats that will impress the most particular girl!

Jean Tats

This is so easy that my kids can attach them on their own. Just cut, rub and wear! Super fun, super easy and super stylish! Get your Jean Tats now and watch your kids style blossom!

See the How To Video below:

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