Jamberry nail wraps are a creative solution to wanting a beautifully designed manicure. Jamberry nail wraps boast over 300 designs, so choosing your favorite is the hardest part!  These nail wraps will delight you with their amazing finished look for a special occasion or just hanging out with some friends.

jamberry nail wraps

Finding the time to get a manicure during a busy week can seem like such a chore.  This is why these nails wraps are perfect for moms on the go!  Each design has several sizes to choose one closest to your nails.  You actually can just hold the wraps over your nail and with a clear backing you can see which wrap will work best for you! You can you use them for your toenails as well, which is a super cute idea!

jamberry nail wraps

These are just a few samples out of the hundreds of styles that Jamberry offers and I think they are just adorable!  I started with just a few items such as alcohol wipes to clean my nails, rubber cuticle pusher, small scissors and a hair dryer.  Using the cuticle pusher, I lightly pushed back my cuticles.  After deciding the proper length and width, I cut the  wrap and heated the adhesive side with my hair dryer.  Since it was my first time, I asked my husband for an extra set of hands to start.  Once I got the hang of it, they applied nicely.

jamberry nail wraps

Finally, you just trim off the excess wrap to fit your nail and voila! Beautiful  nails at home and for a fraction of the cost for professional nail art.  These wraps can last up to 10 days and have a simple removal process.  If you are looking for gorgeous nail designs without ruining your nails with artificial fingernails or expensive manicures, Jamberry nail wraps are your simple answer!

Consultant Elaine G. is willing to help anyone choose the perfect design, application or help you host a party of your own! She has absolutely been fabulous with her willingness to help me and she is ready to tell you all about Jamberry Nail Wraps!


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