I lost 1.75″ off my stomach in 72 hours.  I saw tighter, smoother skin and, I was turned from a non-believer to a believer in just a few days!

No that is not a paid advertisement.  That is actually me telling you the results I got when I tried the It Works Contouring Detox Wrap just once but I have to say, I may be in the market for a lot more!  They are easy to use, kind of fun to use – truth me told – and seems to live up to their marketing claims.

And it is super easy to use!

So basically, the wrap is a thin plastic sheet that has the detoxing lotion or cream on one side and is smooth on the other.  I followed the directions and measured 1″ above my waist and 1″ below my waist and I took measurements in all three spots before using the wrap.  I placed the wrap, carefully, on my belly – my MOST problem area {thank you kids} – and then – don’t laugh…  wrapped the area in plastic wrap so it would not move.

Immediately I could feel something.  A tingling maybe or an almost tightening sensation.  I don’t know, it is hard to describe.  But it was doing something and I could tell that!  I drank a TON of water – probably more than I was asked to – and lounged around being careful not to sweat or do anything that would negate what the wrap was doing.  After about an hour and a half, I took it off, rubbed the rest of the cream into my belly and tossed the wrap.

Easy, right?  I am sorry, I did not take photos.  The ones shown are other, much more confident, women!   I am not that brave!  LOL

Well, over the next few days, while still drinking water – which  I do anyway, I did feel like my belly was flatter and less bumpy!  And I noticed that I felt a tad slimmer!  I finally measured on the 3rd day and had lost 1.75″ off my waist.  Which is still off today!  Not surprising since, if you follow instructions, the results can last up to six months!

I am now hooked and trying to figure out how many I need, how often and when to place my order!  Which can be easily done on the It Works website!  Try them out and let me know if you had the same results that I did!

And because the distributor of the It Works Wraps wants you to be able to try out the products, one (1) of my readers will win one of the wraps!!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry!  And then come back and tell me what you think!!

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