It All Started with a Turtle is a book about teaching children how to earn and save money!  It was developed in a way that allows little entrepreneurs all over the nation to use the skills and confidence to perhaps get a little business up and running.

It All Started with a Turtle: Book Review and Giveaway

We were so impressed with the beautiful, vibrant pictures! The story is a wonderful lesson that opened the eyes of my 6 year old to all of the possibilities for earning money!   After reading the book to my own children and discussing ways that they could make money, we decided they could set up a lemonade stand this summer while we have a yard sale!  They are already in the planning stages of their business!!

We knew right from the start that this is a book that we needed to share with others! While sitting at baseball practice, I told my son’s first grade teacher about the book.  She immediately said that she would definitely love to read it to her whole class!  What a wonderful way to get those creative minds flowing!!

The 1st graders raved as she read the book and showed them the pictures!  They were very quiet as she read to them as they hung on to every word!

It All Started with a Turtle: Book Review and Giveaway

We are very excited to share It All Started with a Turtle!! This book has sparked children all over America to raise money for a charity of their choice and it is a simply amazing!  To find out more about It All Started with a Turtle & how to get involved in Lemonade Day 2014, be sure to check out their website!

The author, Lisa Holthouse is a mother, wife, philanthropist and author.  She is co-founder of Prepared for Life and Lemonade Day. She works tirelessly to teach all children across the world the meaning of success by providing them with life skills and character education. Through these non profit organizations, her goal is to reach 1 million children in 100 cities!

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It All Started with a Turtle: Book Review and Giveaway

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