With every toy out there seemingly needing a charger or batteries, I find myself craving a toy that needs brain power instead of electric power for my kids.  I mean, those toys are great, but I want my kids to learn how to think and use their minds instead of having things flash at them all the time.

That is why I love this amazing game, Pallina that I received from ImagineToys.com!  Made by Hape, it is a strategic, thinking game that teaches my kids by action and skill.  My 4 and 5 year old, especially, love to work together to see if their ball can balance on the sticks.  They probably don’t play by the rules, but they are learning and using hand eye coordination skills along the way.

In addition, the manufacturer of Pallina, Hape, is determined to make eco friendly toys!  The game is made of Bamboo, painted with water based color, is packaged in recycled card paper, and has bees wax coating.

Since I was so incredibly impressed with toy that ImagineToys.com sent me – and amazed that it is one I have never seen before, despite my logged in hours in every toy section in town – I went to the site to do some looking around.  I now have a list longer than I am tall of great, innovative toys I want my kids to have!

Check out the Alphabet Dice Game in the Campbell’s Soup style can!  How fun is that?  Plus there is an amazing selection of sale items that will help you stock up and save at the same time!  And from quality companies you know like Melissa & Doug to The Learning Journey and more!

You can even choose to personalize your child’s toys!  And searching this massive website for the perfect toy is easy too!  You can search by age, interest, price and more.  I, literally, spent a good half hour just searching a few pages!

As your thinking of the perfect Christmas gift for your baby, child, or even teen, take a moment to hunt around ImagineToys.com!  I, personally, suggest the super fun game of Pallina!

And thanks to the wonderful people at ImagineToys.com, you can WIN a $25 Gift Code to ImagineToys.com to help your Christmas shopping on its way!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry!