Merging technology and creative play can be hard.  Especially if your children are little, like mine.  But the truth is, our kids are growing up with technology and we just have to get used to it.

Companies are starting to understand, however, that moms want to give their kids more than just screen experience.  We want them to have interaction and creativity as we did when we were kids.  We want them to PLAY!

iLearn Adventure Explorer

That is why I really like the i’Learn ‘N Play.  Remember the “car” toys we had as kids.  The ones where you could pretend to drive and we made those ‘errrrch’ sounds and everyone though we were so cute?  Well that toy has been updated for the electronic age and my 3 year old loves it!

Check out my daughter enjoying this game!

This ‘toy’ merges the classic play of kids using their hands and imagination to explore along with the sophistication of modern technology to bring it all to life.  The concept is simple.  Link your iPhone or tablet to the iLearn ‘N Play toy via your Bluetooth settings, download the iLearn NumberBots, the Number Box App or the Letter Explorer App from your phone, and play!   Most of the apps are available on the iPhone and iPod and several are available on the iPad.  Yes, you can use all of these devices on the iLearn ‘N Play!

iLearn Adventure Explorer

I linked the app and the toy and we were ready.  I took my iPhone out of it’s case and slid it into the phone slot.  I opened the app and handed the toy to my daughter and she was off!

Check out the video below that can give you a better idea of this awesome paired toy better than I can type:

 I really do like this toy.  For not only the merging of technology and play, but for the educational aspect of the letter and number apps that are easily downloaded and used.  I like that the kids can even take the top part off of the toy and use it as a free ranging toy!  We have kept it on, however, because my little one loves to ‘Drive’

Check out the fun and interactive iLearn ‘N Play Adventure Explorer and let your child learn with their new favorite learning past time!

Because every little one should have fun and play, (1) of my readers will win one of the three awesome interactive toys by!   Choose from the one I got, Robbie the Robot or The Learning Tablet!  Winner’s choice!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!


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Open to US Residents, 18+:  DEVICES ONLY WORK with iOS Apple Devices!

**I received this toy for review purposes only.  All writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**