CONGRATULATIONS to Janice C, Rachelle J, Christy E, Danielle D. and Sandeep K, you won this Giveaway! 

I love being able to surprise my kids with unexpected little fun things, especially during Holiday time!  And what better surprise to have than to find out that Santa himself has been in their living room, their backyard, their roof and even taken a nap with them?

My kids are going to flip over images that I created in a matter of minutes!

All I did was download a photo, I chose Megan sleeping, and then choose my Santa pose to add to the photo!  Of the 20 poses, I chose Santa sleeping!  I then rotated him and moved him so that he looks like he is sleeping with Megan!  I kept him small so he looked like a little Santa but you can make him larger too!  You can see how works and how easy it is right on the website!

After I created my image, I saved it and checked out.  

After checking out, I saw that I could have my photos printed directly to Walgreens, download my photo to my computer for future use, and even share my photo on a myriad of social networks!  That way, everyone could see my mini Santa sleeping with my youngest girl!

This will be GREAT for all of my kids as I use the Easter Bunny, Cupid and the Tooth Fairy to surprise them with photos as the year passes!

And because the great people over at think you’ll love it too, they are giving five (5) of my readers FREE CODES to make your own Santa photo!  AND if 30 of my trusty readers enter this giveaway, they’ll release 5 MORE Codes to win as well!  So, tell everyone and let’s get 10 WINNERS who will get a FREE photo!

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