Last night, thanks to the good people at Disney, my hubby and I got out for a rare date night to preview Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides!

It was….


{singing, high, squeaky, ridiculously annoying voice}

I have not seen the first three Pirate movies.  I was having kids and all that jazz.  But after last night, I will be buying them all!

I loved the storyline, the actors, the cinematography, and the sets!

Johnny Depp was true to form.  Funny, charismatic, creative, and talented!  I loved Captain Jack Sparrow just as I have loved every character he has played since the very beginning.  He is a true artist in this role and I can see why, at the fourth movie, the hype and excitement for it is so high!

Penelope Cruz was sexy, endearing, strong, and vulnerable.  All qualities I like to see in a woman playing a character in a man’s world.

The supporting cast was genuine and the perfect balance to the clever jokes, antics, and drama of the lead actors!

I, not being a real Pirate girl, actually liked the story line and the way it was told!

But the stand out, most awesome, best thing about this movie is that it is shown in Disney 3-D!


I felt like I was on the first row of a Broadway show and the actors were sweating on me!   I felt much more involved in the movie and loved the detail and personality of the film.  I think there is definitely a dynamic added when an action movie is shown in 3-D.  I certainly never expected to be impressed, and neither did my husband.  But we walked out saying that we should see all movies in 3-D.

Two thumbs up from the Lori and Husband movie critics extraordinaire!  Or at least the novice viewers who were thrilled to get a night out without the kids to see a fun, entertaining, addicting movie!

Go See This Movie!!  Take your kids and have a blast!

But be careful, they, and you will be wanting more when it ends!

Thank you Disney for the wonderful opportunity!


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**I saw this movie at the invitation of Disney.  No compensation was received.  My opinions and writings are my own.  Your viewpoints may differ from mine.**