You have seen me come on here and rave about the first two books by Dana Lehman publishing that have my children lost in the land of Walnut Grove.  Adventures at Walnut Grove and I DOUBLE Dare You! and  are colorful, wonderful, lesson bearing books that are also Mom’s Choice Award winners.  I suspect that the third book in the series, I Can Do It, will be close behind!

In this book, familiar characters return as Sammy the squirrel has to be on the look out for any adventures that his cousins, Silly and Sassy, stir up.  Bucky the Beaver joins the three squirrels as they venture into Whispering Willows, an enchanted forest where magic awaits.

As the three head to the forest they run into all kinds of situations in which one animal or another is afraid of.  They remind each other that they can do anything if they put their mind to it! As they enter the forest they decide to build a tree house.  It turns out that this tree that they chose for the house is a magical, talking tree!

During the process of building, Silly is riddled with doubt.  When he smashes his paw with a hammer, he declares that he simply can not do it and then – suddenly-  turns invisible!  The tree tells them he is invisible because he does not believe in himself!

As the others build, Silly starts to realize that being scared can only hold him back.  So, as he remembers a challenge one of the friends overcame, he decides that he CAN build a  tree house and not hurt himself!  Silly slowly appears again as he hammers and helps build a wonderful tree house in the magical tree!

As with the other books, I love that the lesson of believing in yourself is so clearly written.  I don’t allow the words, “I can’t!” in this house and this books helps teach my children why.  Though not everyone can do everything, everyone has to capacity to try.  And this beautifully illustrated children’s book is the perfect story to help remind my children of that.

The lesson plans that are free to download from the author, Dana Lehman’s  website – one of my favorite things about this series – include a tree house that your kids can create with the characters from the book and ideas on how to engage your children more in the lesson.  I have been asked, on many – many, occasions to reprint these lesson plans for my kids!   They really are a unique and helpful addition to the three books!

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A Side note:  I want to thank  Dana Lehman from the bottom of my heart for introducing these amazing books and lesson plans to my children.  They are the favorite bedtime stories now and I even hear my children telling their friends all about the books!

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