When http://www.huggableteddybears.com/ contacted me to review one of their products, I did a goofy happy dance.  Little did they know that I am an avid lover of Teddy Bears!  I must have hundreds, collected from childhood on, protected like my own children. They are well worn from hugs, kisses, tea party guesting, and snuggle buddying when I was scared.  Though they are just “toys”, Teddy bears have a special place in my heart and I hope to pass that on to my daughters.

I searched the site for the perfect bear, knowing that I wanted to get my 1 year old, Megan, something that she could have for a lifetime.  I checked out the Christmas Bears that are oh, so sweet!  I was thisclose to ordering her this one:  http://www.huggableteddybears.com/Jingle-Belle.html

I mean, come on, how incredibly sweet it that?!  And there are so many, many more perfect holiday bear gifts for someone to choose from.  Personalized bears, angel bears, snowmen bears…  just so many perfect gifts for any child out there!


As I put it in my cart, I decided to look around, because, honestly, I could look at Teddy Bears all day long!

I then stumbled upon this bear:

I suddenly had visions of Megan curling up with her bear for a lifetime.  She was perfect so I had to have it!  
I received her within two days!  Carefully wrapped and placed in her box, safe from any damage.  When I opened the box and pulled her out, I fingered the embroidered name “Megan” and actually had tears in my eyes.  What a perfect, sweet, soft, extremely high quality Russ bear she was.  I was torn between waking her up and handing it to her, camera ready to record their first meeting, or boxing her back up for a special Christmas gift.  
I begrudgingly put her back for Christmas, promising to have my video camera aimed directly on her when Megan came running out in her Santa pajama’s, eager to meet and engage her new friend.  What a special memory I will have.  
If you are looking for something really special for any child, or even adult, please consider http://www.huggableteddybears.com/.  Choose a special occasion bear, an occupation bear, a sports bear,or any other specialty bear!  The variety is never ending!  
Whether you choose a beautiful, well made, personalized Christmas bear or a lovable, huggable, personalized bear for your child or gift recipient, I know you will be thrilled and as touched as I am to be able to hand over a lifelong friend.