Fall is in the air and if you head to the store, you will see a myriad of fun vegetables begging to be on your table. Sometimes, though, I see something that looks really good but I have no idea how to cook it. So I thought I would share with you my easiest recipe and best advice for how to cook acorn squash!

How to Cook Acorn Squash

Have you ever seen this round, sort of pokey vegetable sitting in the aisle and thought, now how do I cook that? Or, even more importantly, how do I cook it so my kids will eat it?

Surprisingly, making a delicious meal out of this mini green pumpkin looking vegetable is super easy! You just need the squash, a baking dish and some good ingredients that are in most pantries already!


Now, sometimes, when I don’t feel like mashing it up and serving it as a side, I melt the butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla together and brush it over the top. But, especially if kids are at the dinner table, the mashing of all of the ingredients is best!

I love this recipe because the squash comes out sweet and delicious and no one realizes that it is a vegetable. Plus the texture is smooth and easy for everyone to eat. I love to serve this with grilled chicken and some good, hearty wheat toast!

How to Cook Acorn Squash

What are some of your favorite fall recipes? Have you come across a vegetable in the produce aisle that you need a recipe for? Leave me a comment below and maybe I can find a way to make a recipe that is easy and delicious for you!

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