My oldest daughter is starting to get out of that ‘everything must be animated’ movie phase and wanting more and more stories with characters she can relate to. I am loving discovering films that not only have great role models for characters, but that teach her lessons of selflessness, teamwork and a love for everything from people to animals. So when Horses of McBride showed up at my door, I previewed it, fell in love and handed it over.

horses of mcbride

Destined to become a holiday classic, the cinematically stunning THE HORSES OF MCBRIDE is a heartfelt father/daughter tale inspired by the wrenching true story out of McBride, British Columbia, in which the entire community pulls together to rescue two starving horses trapped in the Rockies during Christmas. Nicki Davidson (Porter) discovers the horses stranded in deep snow and, against all odds, sets out to get them off the mountain alive. When all her options run out, she picks up a shovel and begins to dig out the mile-long path to the nearest road. Her fierce determination inspires first her own father (played by Quinn), and then the entire community to band together in the spirit of Christmas to save these beautiful creatures.

My daughter and I love this movie! It has everything I want her to see. Strong, determined, intelligent female characters. A support system around her that is guiding her in her journey. And the lesson of love that transcends the ages. I, personally, can not stand to see animals suffer so this pulled at my heartstrings quite a bit. But my daughter, Katie, took on the characters determination and talked to the screen as if she were there.

Get this soon to be holiday classic today and let your kids learn the value of working for the rewards of others, animals included!

Congratulations to our winners: Maureen G., Laurie E., and Andrea D.!!!

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