Grab the popcorn and start watching these holiday movies perfect for the modern family.

Hello, Holidays! I’m not a big movie watcher, except when the holidays roll around. I love gathering the family together in the evenings, popping some popcorn, and watching our favorite feel-good holiday movies.

In this day and age of a modern lifestyle, we can’t just watch a movie. No, these days we have to make it a big production, right? So along with these 7 Holiday Movies for your family, I’ve included an idea for each to expand your movie watching experience.

7 Holiday Movies for the Modern Family

Elf – One of the most looked forward to movies of the season by families across the nation. While I don’t usually enjoy Will Ferrell’s work, he is a hit in this movie of an orphan raised by elves, searching for his human family. Buddy the Elf instantly makes the season brighter with his positive outlook. You’ve got to check out the Buddy the Elf Holiday Brunch Idea from Pizzazzerie

Polar Express – The Polar Express is one of my personal favorite children’s books. We always turn this one into a big production by reading the book first, then watching the movie, and finally giving the kids their own tickets to head out on a drive around town to look at Christmas lights. If there’s one thing I know about being a modern family, it’s how to make things a big production!

Charlie Brown’s Christmas – It’s just not Christmas without good old Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I know this is a classic, but even today’s modern family can enjoy this perfect blend of religious and secular celebrations. To really get in the mood, toss on some festive Peanuts wear.

Deck the Halls – In this holiday movie, neighbors battle it out to have the biggest and best holiday display. It’s a wonderful reminder to not get carried away in the materialistic aspect of the holidays. This one is perfect to turn on while you deck your own halls with holiday magic.

Arthur Christmas – Santa’s youngest son Arthur must save Christmas by delivering a single missed present. If you want to work a little of your own holiday magic into this one, try wrapping presents for kids in need, or baking cookies for your neighbors while watching. This holiday comedy reminds us that every child matters.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Some may argue that this is a Halloween movie. I’ve never been able to decide when the best time for Jack the Pumpkin King is, so we watch it anytime – and sometimes twice – between October and December. To enjoy this night, whip up these fantastic and easy Jack Skellington Treats from Tip Toe Fairy.

White Christmas – It’s another old one, but it’s my absolute favorite Christmas movie. I can’t not include it in a list of holiday movies. I’m still working on getting my little kids to enjoy it as much as I do, but I think if we create our own DIY snowglobes while watching it will entertain them a bit more.

What’s on your holiday watchlist?