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I realize that we are still two weeks away from Halloween, but, to me anyway, it is never too early to start planning for those unforgettable Holiday cards that will stand out on someone you love’s mantle! Shutterfly agrees with me and has just released their 372 – yes, 372 – 2013 Holiday Card collection! With so many to choose from , the decision making is tough, I won’t lie. But I did manage to come up with my top 5 Holiday Card picks. I do have 20 as back ups though. Just in case.

Holiday Card #PhotosYouLove

Holiday cards don’t have to be boring. They can be whimsical, sentimental, down right funny and even a lot colorful! There are so many new card designs for 2013 from Shutterfly. From the Contemporary to the Modern to the Religious to the Traditional, there are a myriad of cards to fit any message you want to send.

Holiday Card #PhotosYouLove

This year has certainly been trying at time for my girls and I. But we have come out of it stronger and more appreciative of those who have been here for us. So gratitude is topping my list of messages I want those people to get this year. I found a TON of cards that would work and may change my mind 50 times, but when I do make my choice, it will be perfect!

Holiday Cards #PhotosYouLove

Whether you want to convey sentiments that you feel you don’t say enough during the year or show off that new baby’s face on their first Christmas, you will get a HUGE smile on your face when your cards arrive!

Holiday Cards #PhotosYouLove

If you are feeling a little whimsical and want to feature the family dog as your message of fun holiday cheer, you can do that too! Since you can get the new 5×7 folded tri fold & add designs to the back now, you can get as creative as you want!

5x7 folded tri fold & back of card designs

How do you plan on sending holiday cheer to your loved ones this year?  A simple card, personalized by you, is often the Best Gift Ever!

Which 2013 Holiday Card would you choose?

Congratulations to our winner Sara H.!!