With summer in full swing, going barefoot and wearing flip flops is the norm.  Of course, our feet aren’t the only thing that gets more exposure in nicer weather.  Arms, legs and hands are exposed to more because of bathing suit season, tank tops, shorts and maybe laying in the sun.  Skin is very important, which in turn means skincare is also very important.

Herbacin skincare products come in all kinds of scents and varieties.  From hand cream you can keep right on your desk at work or nightstand next to the bed, all the way to calming butter and shower gel.

herbacin foot care

I love that it is natural products in pleasant scents that feel good on my skin.  Take the shower gel for example – after swimming in the chlorinated pool, the last thing you want to smell like is the chlorine itself.  Once I used the shower gel to wash with, my skin felt hydrated and smelled amazing but not scented too strongly.  After showering, you always want to make sure your skin is moisturized and kept hydrated.  With the hand cream, foot care cream and calming butter, my skin feels as soft as a baby’s.

What’s your skincare regime?  Do you have any favorite products you couldn’t live without?

herbacin foot care

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