**This post about Easter Eggs and Heinx Paas may have affiliate links. 

Every April the girls and I gather our materials, sit around together and create fun and colorful Easter Eggs!  We usually do it twice before the egg dying holiday because we love doing it so much.

Heinz PAAS Make a Wish Easter

And every year, Heinz Vinegar and PAAS – the Easter Egg decorating kit company – donates to the Make*A*Wish Foundation.  Make*A*Wish grants wishes to children who have life-threatening illnesses.  Trips to Disney World, visits to long lost relatives…  whatever that child wants and  needs to have a special memory and escape the fear and uncertainty of their future.

To help celebrate Easter and get everyone here in the ‘decorating’ spirit, the girls and I sat down and did our first batch of eggs this week!

Creating super cute, colorful Easter eggs is super easy!  The main ingredient for getting vibrant, colorful eggs is Heinz Vinegar!  Yep.  It is that easy!

Years ago someone turned me onto Heinz for egg decorating and I have used it ever since!  It makes the PAAS Easter Egg tablets from their variety of kits super bright and it covers the egg completely.

This year, PAAS has come out with even more awesome ways to get that super special egg!  And I was lucky enough to get to try a ton of them out with the kids!

Now, I have to say, I am IN LOVE with the Dye Cups!  These little things are perfect for little hands and accident prone moms – ME!  Instead of hunting in my cabinet for the perfect cup and bowl to hold the egg as it is getting colored, you fill the egg shaped -genius, right? – cup to the line with Heinz Vinegar (except with the color pink – it comes out better with water the instructions say) – let the color tablet dissolve and put in the egg.

Heinz PAAS Make a Wish easter Eggs

Within minutes, the eggs are turning colors and being beautiful and all ready to decorate!

My girls and I – and my neighbors ‘stepson’ – all had a ton of fun with all of the colors!

Next, it was on to decorating!  From the Awesome Decorating Doodles that kids can use to write and draw on eggs with ease to the super fun and inspirational craft kits where you can make your eggs have 3D, super soft velvet, other designs, and more. PAAS Kits have it all!

There are so many NEW kits and fun to have in 2017!  Check them all out and pick them up online or in your favorite store!

With Heinz Vinegar and PAAS Egg Decorating Kits, we had so much fun that the girls decided to hand deliver decorated eggs to all of the neighbors!   They LOVED it and it make me feel great to see them thinking of others!