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We’ve all been there.  Bad hair days.  They follow me around like a lost puppy, teasing my half naturally curly hair and half frizzy, daring me to let it down.  So, as a terminal punishment, I wear pony tails almost exclusively.

But just because I pull my hair up almost every day does not mean I have to do it with no style!  And thanks to the creative company, Heidi’s Hair Ties, I can do it with bling too!

Available in a wide variety of colors to match all of your outfits, Heidi’s Hair Ties are dual use!  They are elastic bracelets that can instantly be hair ties when you need them!

Yep, instead of that ugly band around your wrist that you carry to sweep your hair up after a long day of having it on your neck, or digging in your purse trying to find that wayward band, you can decorate your wrist and then your pony with a pretty, fun tool!

I think this is a clever idea and I wear mine all the time now.  But one of my favorite things about the new scrunchi in Heidi’s Hair Ties is that they are completely customizable.  Choose your beads that reflect your personality and show your personal style easily!

Choose your color, your bling and your number of ties with ease!  Or choose one already created!

How fun is this?

You can get started making and creating your ties now on the website.  And follow Heidi’s Hair Ties on Facebook for more fun and ideas too!