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There are many occasions throughout the year that call for a present for my girls.   Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so on.  Add to that the occasional “We just love you” presents and it always seems like we are in the market for a gift.  But with three daughters, we are toy stored out.

Always looking for something new, unique and special, I was super excited to be told about! is the website that lets your child pick out, design, name and fall in love with their new favorite plush toy!  And it is so easy to use that you literally can just let your children do the work!  Just help them start by showing them how to choose their cow, robot, alien, cat, bunny and many more!  Click the “Surprise” image too becuase it is just fun!

Once the choice is made, kids can go crazy picking the face, ears, eyes, nose, hand shapes, leg shapes, whether the toy has a tail or not and on and on.  PLUS, they can change the colors of the parts AND add an image and a name to the toy.

Sarah, my four year old, helped me design ours and I have to say, part of the joy of the toy making was spending that time with her and listening to her squeal when a choice was made!

She wanted a puppy, a puppy names Fluffy.  She picked his eyes, made him have freckles, picked flappy ears and more.  And then she chose purple – because that is her favorite color – for his paws.  And then she said she wanted to have a “flying puppy” so we added some purple wings.  And then, because she as laughing at the idea, she gave the puppy a red tail!

We chose a rainbow to put on his belly and wrote clearly, “FLUFFY” across him.

When we were done I decided that it was the most beautiful toy I had ever seen!  And when we received it a week or so later, Sarah claimed it as hers – despite many sharing talks – and has not put it down yet!  She takes it everywhere.  And it is the only consistent toy that she actually sleeps with now!

He is made very well and will outlast my kids and all of the torture they will put him through.  I have not had to yet, but I can just throw him into the washer when they decide to feed him yogurt and he’ll come out looking great.  I am sure of it!

Take some time and go design whatever toy you want totally FREE!  You can design and share as many toys as you want with friends, grandparents and more.  When you find one you just have to have (all of them) then you can buy!

Check out the Toy Gallery too!  You can order one of those if you want – mine is on page 3 (Lori by Lomargie) – or use one and edit it to be more your style!

This website is awesome!  The process of creating that special toy, watching my kids play with something they created and the high quality of the toy is fun and unique!  Take some time and check out!  I bet you’ll be as excited as I am!

And because wants you to discover custom plush toys too, they are offering 1 (ONE) of my readers a chance to WIN their own custom toy!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry:

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