A while back I was standing at the television switching out one of my kids DVD’s during television time. While I was fumbling with the  – clearly adult proof – case, a commercial came on and my kids went nuts!

“MOMMY, MOMMY, We want those!!!”

I stopped for a moment and watched the commercial for the Happy Napper, a pillow that turns into a stuffed animal and then back again into a pillow!  I watched as the kids squealed as the commercial paraded the Castle to Dragon, Palace to Unicorn and Doghouse to Dog and more.  The ‘I want that one!’s at fever pitch, I made a mental note that these might be something to look at for presents one day!

Lo and behold, I got an Igloo to Penguin to review!  And it is pretty derned COOL!

On the Igloo is a button. It is the ‘doorbell’ to the penguin’s house, if you will.  When  you push it, laughter ensues… and the kids like it too!  The sound is a sleeping, snoring penguin that comes from the doorbell ring!  Once we got past that, the kids unzipped the door and let the penguin out!

When he came out they pushed the Igloo into his back and he became a stuffed penguin that they could play with!  And, oh, he is sooo soft.  When the napper is a pet his belly is plump and he is the perfect size for penguin wars… not that we would ever do that to him!  It’s just a mere suggested activity with this now beloved stuffed pet.

When it is bedtime, the girls unstuff him and put him to bed in his house and the use him as a pillow!

This is really quite cute and if you order one today, you can use code SPECIAL4U to get FREE Shipping on the already promotional price of $14.99 {was $19.99}.  Get them now and stick them away for the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays!


The other toy that my girls are crazy about that we got recently to try out is the Best Flower Buds by Jay At Play!  Find these creative and fun dolls at your local toy store or Toys R Us!  Available in a several sizes, our little bud fit just right in Megan’s Easter basket this year!

The concept behind these super cute and soft Best Flower Buds is so cute!  They look like little flowers in a pot until you pull on their tops!  Then, as they grow, they turn into dolls that the girls can play with!  My kids pretend to water their “pot” and then out comes a new friend!

The one that we got to review is pink but the dolls are available in a variety of colors!  Plus you can get them in the 5″ size, the 9″ size or the 15″ size!  These are really cute and creative dolls and I have some stocked away that I got more Best Flower Buds on Amazon for the girls birthdays!  Then they can have their own little garden of Best Flower Buds! 

Take some time to check out the whole line and celebrate summer with some fresh Best Flower Buds in your child’s rooms!

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