A week ago, I downloaded the FREE Infantino iPhone App, HappiTaps.  It downloaded pretty quickly and was in my two year old’s hands right as she was about to go into full on tantrum in the car line.  When ‘Beary Happi’ started talking to her, she settled immediately and began to play!

I was in love from that moment on!

And so were my kids!  I have to tell you, I never thought I would let my kids play with my iPhone, but when I tuck it safely into the ‘Beary Happi’ Case` and watch them all gather around to listen to the bear tell jokes, play games the bear, and listen to stories with Beary Happi, I am beary happy!

This cute little green eyed bear sings to my kids, reads stories to my kids, plays peek a boo with my kids and even goes to sleep with the help of my kids!  And I say kids, not toddlers – who the app is designed for – because my 5 year old wants to “Play with the bear” on my phone all the time too.

Their – my – favorite feature of the HappiTaps app is the “Feed Time” function.  Foods like apples and carrots and more float onto the screen and the child guides it to Beary Happi’s mouth!  He eats it, makes a yummy sound and then another food appears.  Our bear is getting chunky because they feed him so much!

The standard options come free with the app, but you can add more features for only $0.99 per two items.  Like two more songs are only $0.99!  Not too bad at all!  Especially when you see the time the kids want to spend with the bear!  And Beary Happi can be purchased on the Step2.com website for only $19.99 + FREE SHIPPING!  That is a great price when you consider what it is protecting and who it is entertaining!

Think Stocking Stuffer!

Check out this video of my daughter, Megan, happily feeding the bear:

I am learning that there are a lot of apps that I can choose for my kids to play with.  And I have downloaded some more just to see where the interest level was as compared to HappiTaps.  Every time, my kids went back to asking me to play with Beary Happi.  Every single time!  He is easy to use, fun to listen to, and a perfect friend for my little ones.

See the HappiTaps commercial here:

Download HappiTaps now  – for FREE – and then head over to the Step 2 Website to purchase your Beary Happi carrying case!  You will love that your phone is protected and they will love carrying their new found friend along with them everywhere!  You can even hook him to the stroller for easy access!

My only complaint is that I miss my phone.  Other than that – 5 stars for creativity, fun and ease of use by a toddler!

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Infantino HappiTaps and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.  Images borrowes from iTunes, Step2 and HappiTaps.com.  Please see my Disclosure Page for more information.”