Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give me Some Awesome Movies to See!

This time of year is one of our favorites!  We watch the leaves fall, the neighbors decorate with spiders and witches and pull out our own Halloween garb!  The girls talk about Trick or Treating, walking the neighborhood in their costumes – they will all be Princesses this year – and the things they will tell their friends about their night!  It is a wonderful time!

But, truth be told, it can also be a scary time for kids.  Especially if the TV is on and something comes on that seems kids friendly but is really not!  That is why I LOVE the Halloween themed line of DVD’s from NCircle that are on shelves now or available online!

NCircle Halloween

Read below for my opinion on these fun Halloween movies meant for the smaller set!

Sid’s Spooky Halloween

Sid the Science Guy and his friends learn the fun fats of Halloween animals and more!  They learn why bats eat mosquitoes  how skeletons are a part of our bodies and how spiders engineer their massive, perfect webs! While in their  costumes at school, Teacher Susi leads them on a parade with a song so they can show off what they are dressed as.  Let your kids learn with Sid and his friends in this educational and non scary movie!

Kooky Spooky Halloween

WordWorld and friends get in the Halloween spirit and get some scares the night before Halloween!  Pig sleep walks and everyone thinks he is a ghost!  Guess which game my kids play now that they have seen this movie?  Sheep wants to get into the spirit by making a fairy costume but when her friends all need pieces of hers to finish theirs, she is faced with  dilemma!

Tricks and Treats Synopsis

The Cat and the Hat is a favorite in our house so this Halloween DVD has been played most!  This spooky adventure brings the Cat, Nick and Sally and the Fish and Things to meet the eeriest characters.  A coconut crab, spider monkey and more help creep out the kids in a fun way though out this DVD!

Be sure to look for these movies so you can “creep” out your little ones!

**I received these DVDs or review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**