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Halloween is not the same without a good healthy dose of candy! For my kids that means one or two pieces a day. For me it means… well, we don’t need to share all of my secrets, now do we?  But, we can say that when my favorite candies come out in variety packs at this time of year, I am hunting them down at Walmart and stocking up early. Especially if I know that I will be attending Halloween Celebrations.

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Semi-Homemade Candy & Bloody Punch for Halloween Celebrations #SpookyCelebrations #shop #cbias

Halloween is more than costumes, walking around in the dark with light up shoes and saying Trick or Treat. For us, anyway, it is a time to say Hi to valued neighbors, be amazed at how much the kids have grown and sharing something sweet that has a special touch.

I try to do something really nice for my immediate neighbors who are always willing to help me out at a moments notice. This year I wanted to do more than just throw some candy in a bag. I wanted to make something more “adult” and unique.

Semi-Homemade Candy & Bloody Punch for Halloween Celebrations #SpookyCelebrations #shop #cbias

So, using some of my favorite Mars Bites – like Milky Snickers and 3 Musketeers – I took my very first stab at making Halloween inspired Semi-Homemade Candy. We can talk later about how I should never, EVER, attempt something I have never done unless under the watchful eyes of dessert creator extraordinaire, Jennifer from iSaveAtoZ.com. But, for now, we will pretend that I did not call her in a total panic, keep her on the phone for 3 hours and then listen as she saved the day by teaching me some very valuable melting chocolate skills.

Semi-Homemade Candy & Bloody Punch for Halloween Celebrations #SpookyCelebrations #shop #cbias

Nope, we will pretend like me, a former stock broker, knows how to melt chocolate in a microwave.

Moving on. While at Walmart buying the largest bag – 230 pieces – of Mars Bites candies, I also came across a Halloween ‘shot glass’ mold that would be perfect for ‘Bloody Punch’.  Basically, it is half Hawaiian Punch and Half 7Up for fizz in a shot glass made out of ice!

Seriously, I LOVE these things! The imprint does not come out as well as I would like but they are fun, easy to do and creative for guests just the same! And they melt VERY FAST! But, I was pouring in warm punch. Pouring in a cooler liquid would work better!

Semi-Homemade Candy & Bloody Punch for Halloween Celebrations #SpookyCelebrations #shop #cbias

So, plan B? I mixed the punch and the kids loved it from regular, non ice glasses!

As for the candy, I bought orange and white melting chocolate and melted it in the microwave (see afore mentioned comment on my inability to do this without proper direction). You have to melt it slowly, quickly and with your full attention or it will harden, clump and be a general mess. Once I was coached through the process, I dipped the mars Bites into the orange and white chocolate and then let them sit for a little while. I then came back with the opposite orange or white color for contrast.

Semi-Homemade Candy & Bloody Punch for Halloween Celebrations #SpookyCelebrations #shop #cbias

Despite the drama of my ignorance, I did actually manage to make some very pretty candies, served in tall glasses complete with bat rings and M&M’s as a base, to my neighbors. I have a few more to make but I HAD to get these out to you guys. Imagine a few of these sitting on a table at a wonderful Halloween Celebration?

How do you celebrate Halloween in a special way? I would love to hear all of your great ideas. And tips. I need lots and lot and lots of tips!

Semi-Homemade Candy & Bloody Punch for Halloween Celebrations #SpookyCelebrations #shop #cbias

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