HABA is a name that is quickly catching on in this household. A creative German toy maker, the items we receive enhance imaginative play and are colorful and attractive to kids. My little one got a gift package from HABA for us to review and she is IN LOVE! I am IN LOVE with the creative toys and easy to use items that make me look like an amazing mom! HABA 2014 SUMMER TOYS In our box we received the Doll Shona, Salt, Pepper, Ketchup and Mustard toys,  ‘shakers’ and AWESOME Summertime Silicone Molds! It was a box both girls and mama loved for various reasons! DOLL SHONA Let’s start with Doll Shona and why I think she is a perfect companion for summer vacations and play. A soft doll that comes in her own carry along house with an extras set of clothes, Shona is a pretty little doll that is soft bodied and big eyes which is perfect for little girls. Megan, my 4 year old, cares for this doll as if she were a real friend! She is a traveling girl and has all of the world’s stamps on her suitcase – which she lives in – to prove it! This little red headed girl has provided hours of love, entertainment and care from my 4 year old and she takes her everywhere! This toy is a WIN for summertime and anytime! HABA 2014 SUMMER TOYS Check out Megan’s first play date with her below:

Yes, I know that is overly cute! LOL I am telling you, this creative and fun doll seems simple but the play time friend is an encouraging way for kids to get their imagination moving! COOKING FUN What little kid does not love to cook? HABA has thought of the best sidekicks to any kitchen that will make them feel feel like they are really making something special! The NEW Salt and Pepper ‘shakers’ are soft, a perfect large size for kids to grab onto and when you twist the tops… they ‘grind’ the salt and pepper! Add to that perfect summer BBQ the Mustard and Ketchup bottles where the condiment shoots out of the bottle and watch as laughter and play lasts longer than usual as they create hot dogs that you will love to pretend eat! My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE these and are constantly ‘squirting’ the mustard and ketchup on each other! HABA 2014 SUMMER TOYS EASY SUMMER TREATS Popsicles are a food group during the summer time in this house. With temps reaching well over 100 degress in Texas by March – oh, OK, April – my kids need an instant refresher when coming in from the heat. I chose the Silicone Popsicle Tray Penguins and am seriously impressed at how easy they are to use! I poured Kool-Aid into mine and expected a struggle to get them out. Turns out, they pop out so easily even my kids can do it! These Popsicle keep their shape of the fun penguins and other arctic animals and can be filled with everything from yogurt to sorbet to your kids favorite juice! Totally worth the purchase for mom and the fun for kids!

HABA Silicone Molds

Have you met HABA and their amazing line of toys, silicon trays and more? The toys I have received in the past have defiantly held up and are still played with a lot today! See their entire line and stock up now for summer! Want to WIN the same pack of fun items I got? Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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