OK guys – this is GOOD! Like, I know I am a candy junkie but the Vermont Nut Free Chocolates are AWESOME! So when they wanted to send me their new line of gummies… well, who am I to say no? With summer gone and back to school in full swing, I had to share the perfect treat with you.  The NEW product line from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates! Gummy Candy This is exciting news for those of us with peanut or tree nut allergies, those with children that have those specific allergies or even those that just want a fruity treat to change up the regular chocolate & nutty sweet snacks.

Vermont Nut Free Gummy Candies

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates was established in 1998 and specializes in handmade gourmet treats that are safe for individuals with peanut and tree nut allergies. Its product line includes fudge, truffles, caramels, chocolate bars, granola bars and novelty items. All products are made in small batches with only the finest nut free ingredients available. You can learn more on their website.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates line of gummy candies join a variety of summer treats including TANABAR, their signature granola bar, Trail Mix, and Jelly Beans. Fruity, chewy, and delicious, Gummy Candy by Vermont Nut Free Chocolates are fun for decorating, summer fun, or just plain eating. Available online now in distinct flavors and shapes including Gummy Bears, Sour Bears, and Berry Gum Drops, gummy candy comes in an 8 oz. bag for the low, affordable price of $4.95.

“Providing new and exciting nut free treats does not stop at chocolate. We are excited to provide another non-chocolate product for all candy lovers,” said Mark Elvidge, Founder of Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. “Fans of gummy candy will enjoy our new line of tasty treats that come in a wide variety of fun shapes and flavors.”


Vermont Nut Free Gummy Candies

Those with peanut allergies can rest assured that these new gummy candies are created in a completely nut free setting, ensuring the nut free guarantee. You can purchase the gummy candy in select stores and online.

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