**I received Green Chef Meals in exchange for this conversation. All opinions are my own.**

Sole Croquettes: A Green Chef Paleo Meal That You Will Love

I love to cook. I really do. But with three kids, six dogs here right now with the foster beagles and two companies to run, I don’t have hours to create the masterpieces that I love. I used to love to create saucs, recipes and desserts that made people ooh and ahh at my efforts. Now, I have to be realistic. Time is a real issue in my house. I have turned to meal delivery in the past but, aside from grilled chicken, the options for healthier options that I like, like Paleo, were limited. Enter Green Chef and their amazing meals that taste like mine used to!

I was lucky enough to get three Paleo meals that are mouthwatering! Everything comes with them. The veggies, the recipe card, the meat and the inspiration! I received three meals that anyone would love. TARRAGON-MUSTARD CHICKEN, SOLE CROQUETTES and mouthwatering CHIMICHURRI STEAK.

Sole Croquettes: A Green Chef Paleo Meal That You Will Love any day

Loving fish, I opened the paper bag containing everything from purple onions to sauces and coconut flour and placed the Sole in the oven as directed.

Easy and manageable recipe cards are included and, even if I had no cooking experience, I would have been able to have professional chef results with little effort.

In the box that arrives at your home, containing the meals that you want based on your diets – like vegan and Paleo – you will find seasonal organic ingredients, signature sauces and spice blends we make in-house, and beautiful recipe cards with easy-to-follow instructions.

Sole Croquettes: A Green Chef Paleo Meal That You Will Love with ingredients

Ingredients are also color-coded per recipe, so sorting them is easy. When it’s time to cook, simply match the color of the recipe card with the colored stickers. A blue recipe card uses blue-labeled ingredients, for example.

It is just that easy!

I followed everything and came up with a beautiful, nutritious and chef quality dinner for two that I can not wait to make again!

Sole Croquettes: A Green Chef Paleo Meal That You Will Love to make

Three meals for me with Green Chef is easily a week’s worth of meals if I include leftovers. Luckily, my kids LOVED the Sole Croquettes so they got a good meal as well even if I did not get leftovers!

Take a moment to go check out this meal delivery service that is built for those of us who want a diet full of what we love and not including things we don’t!

Sole Croquettes: A Green Chef Paleo Meal That You Will Love anytime


Make sure you stay green with the packaging too! Check out what to do with your box and materials once your meals are all cooked!

Please follow these recycling tips or go here for more information:

  • The 100% plant-based jute insulation can be composted commercially.

  • Plastic jars, plastic clamshells, cardboard boxes, and paper bags can all join your curbside recycling.

  • #4 plastic films (bags, packets, insulation liners, ice pack shells) can be dropped off at local stores. Did you know that grocery bags are #4 plastic film? Simply recycle any #4plastic film as you would your grocery bags!

  • Freeze and reuse the ice packs. Or to recycle, cut the corner of the pack, drain the non-toxic gel into the garbage, rinse out the #4 plastic film shell, then drop it off for recycling.

What’s for dinner in your house?