Dinner was delicious tonight.  And to add a lot of bonus points, it was super healthy and low in calories too.  And it was SO GOOD that I actually called my neighbor over to try it.  I am so not kidding!

Now, as I tell you how this came about be prepared to learn that this meal started with a pre-seasoned piece of Talapia-  Cajun Grilled, to be precise – that only contained  80 calories.  So, by the time I was done adorning it, I would be shocked if the entire, filling meal were over 200 -250 calories.  Including dressing!

Cajun Talapia Salad

The other day I got this great package in the mail from the experts in fish, Gorton’s.  It contained a Gorton’s Fisherman apron, two oven mitts, a spatula that is now my absolute favorite and 5 FREE Gorton’s product coupons (you can enter to win this exact same pack below).

I loved everything and was suddenly in the mood for fish.  Real fish.  So I grabbed my kids, dropped them at tumbling and headed to the store to see what I could find with my coupons.  I know, ’cause they told me – I am not that impressive! – that Gorton’s carries 20 products that have 200 calories or LESS!  So surely I could find a healthier dinner for me and my kids that would not take all evening to make after a long day?

Sure enough, I immediately salivated at the sight of the entire line of Grilled items that Gorton’s offers!  Talapia, Salmon, Cajun Grilled, Lemon and Butter…. mmmmmm…. so I grabbed four boxes of a variety and then a  HUGE bag of fish sticks.  I do have kids and these are a great, easy lunch or dinner!

Gorton's Fish

Inspired to eat well, I grabbed lettuce, avocado  and tomatoes for my salad creation.  And then I grabbed some cole slaw and cole slaw dressing and corn tortillas for the girls Fish Stick tacos.   I did not know if they would like them or not, but I was going to try!

I got home and in about 20 minutes flat, all four of us were eating.  On the girls tacos, I simple mixed the cole slaw dressing with the slaw, added 2 fish sticks each and wrapped them in the corn tortilla.  To my shocking surprise, two out of three children agree that they were AWESOME!  The third just ate the fish sticks so still a success in my book!

Fish Stick Tacos

But my salad, y’all…. I mean… just…. butter….  (any old time Saturday Night Fans out there?!?).  Seriously, while I put the lettuce in a bowl and sliced up fresh tomatoes and avocado, my Gorton’s Cajun Filet cooked slowly in the over.  It says you can microwave it too but I wanted to do it this way.

When I pulled it out, bubbling in it’s own spices, I let it rest for a few minutes and then laid it atop my salad.  I added the green, fresh avocado, a tablespoon or two of the cole slaw dressing and closed my eyes as the mixture of spicy, creamy and delicious took me to my own gourmet restaurant called Lori’s.  My assistant chef would be the Gorton’s Fisherman but still.  The place would be packed!

Cajun Talapia Salad

I am IN LOVE with these super low calorie fish fillets and am already planning sandwiches, fish salads and more as I devour each and every perfect filet. I am getting great ideas from the Gorton’s Recipe Page too!

Have you stopped by the fish aisle yet to check out all 20 Gorton’s products that are under 200 calories?  I highly suggest you do and them come back and tell me which is your favorite!

In the meantime, (1) of my lucky readers will WIN the same package I got.

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And the delicious, healthy dinner we all deserve – in a jiffy!  Giveaway is US ONLY and ends 4/10/2013.


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