I can remember growing up wearing the prettiest dresses!  They made me feel like a princess and look like the girly girl I was.  Lately my daughter has been more interested in dresses, not just any ol’ girls clothing from her closet.  So when I received the offer to review girls clothing from Nani Kalani Clothing, like the beautiful Serenity dress, I was ecstatic for my daughter!

Nani Kalani Collage

Before I tell you how my daughter liked it and what my thoughts on it were, I’d like to tell you a little about the Nani Kalani company because I found their story to be very inspiring and real.  Melissa, the founder, grew up watching her grandma and mom sew and cross-stitch for hours, something she didn’t quite have the patience for.  Once Melissa got to middle school, she did seem to take more of an interest in sewing.  She sewed on her mother’s sewing machine like there was no tomorrow.  She has no physical items left to show from those days, but as they say, life goes on.  Melissa married, started a family and once she and her husband found out they were going to be welcoming a little girl into a house full of boys, she knew she wanted to be able to make and sew things for her daughter.

Melissa was always being asked where she got her daughter, Kalani’s clothing.  She would tell people that she had made it.  Her husband encouraged her to sell it.  After some hesitation and even some sad events, she and her husband decided to push forward with goals, taking chances and soon after Nani Kalani Clothing was born.  I love the name because it is named after their daughter, Kalani and Nani means “beautiful”.  Together, in Hawaiian, it means beautiful heavens.  Certainly very fitting for the company, their attitude about life and the dress we received.

Nani Kalani Review 3

We received the more than adorable Serenity dress for my daughter.  I could barely get it out of the carefully packaged box before she was grabbing it away from me to put on!  Really, just me talking about it and the featured photos, don’t even begin to explain how soft, pretty, carefully made and loved by my daughter it is.  Besides the fact that I can barely get this dress off my daughter for bath & bedtime, because she loves it so, I really am proud to have one of these dresses.  There are only a limited number of 50 right now.  Another claim to fame is that this company keeps their products made in the USA.  Just something I found admirable, is all.

Nani Kalani Review 5

When you purchase your dress (and why wouldn’t you?!), I hope you and your little girl enjoy it just as much as we are enjoying ours.

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