Some things I get I can not WAIT to write about! And then life gets in the way and I get behind and it gets taken from my desk and played with and it is not until I unearth the floor in the playroom that I find it again. Then I feel terrible because I have deprived YOU of an amazing product that your kids would LOVE! Like The Gigglebellies and it’s innovative Ultimate Fan Pack that includes 3 awesome DVD’s of music, dance and fun for your preschooler!

The Gigglebellies

My Megan is in preschool and she grabbed The Gigglebellies elephant that was sent with our fan pack and was smitten from day one.  I put the Award Winning DVD full of awesome preschool songs and Musical Adventures on and she sat, propped on her couch, watching as songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star were sang and acted out to on the DVD’s.

There are two volumes of musical adventures with songs like Busy Bumble Bee, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. There are songs I have not hear too like Eat ‘Em All Up and Peanut. Have you ever heard Web Footed Friends?

The Gigglebellies

All of the songs are animated and fun to dance to and to help your little preschooler learn all of the songs that they will cherish their entire lives!

The DVD collection also includes the Sweet Songs and Lullabies that can help your little one close her eyes. My Meg’s was sick all last week and I would put this on and it would relax her and calm her down. Songs like You Are My Sunshine and Good Night, Sleep Tight are sung by her new friends.

See a clip below:

She snuggles with the colorful Gigglebellies elephant, Peanut, and loves to see the songs play across the screen! Since she has been sick, I have no good videos of her total love and fun to show you but rest assured, your busy preschooler will stop and dance and sing with The Gigglebellies!

Pick up your copy of any The Gigglebellies DVD or the Ultimate Fan Pack today online!

The Gigglebellies

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